The 360KB ™ - shortest at 10" tall ideal fit under upper cabinets

Shortest member of the 360 Knife Block ® family - the 360KB ™ is 10 inches tall for ideal fit under upper cabinets.  

Same strong magnets, same grid locations, mean you can position two or three knives on each of the 4" wide vertical sides.  Same heavy weight - its 10 pounds! - everything you LOVE about the 360 Knife Block ® now just a bit shorter.  Our third style rotating knife display and slightly shorter than the original 360 Knife Block® and a full 2" shorter than the 360KB MAX ™. 

When it comes to a safe, easy-to-access place to keep your knives, most knife blocks just don’t cut it. Traditionally made with slots some of them dull the blades, most of them are awkward on your counter, and all of them are impossible to clean, making them a perfect place for bacteria to hide. Turn your most important cooking tool into a designer statement. 

10" tall and sides are 4" wide and can hold up to 3 knives per side - capacity for 12+ knives.  The "Hero" knife featured in these photos is custom knife by Erik Greiner who forges in Texas, it is a 9" long blade and a one of a kind work of art. 

Handmade in America - with a LIFETIME guarantee from the maker - if you ever have any issues contact Sara and we will do our best to make it right.