360 Knife Block - Oak - SOLD OUT!
Design Trifecta

360 Knife Block - Oak - SOLD OUT!

Regular price $ 330.00

We will be discontinuing OAK when we run out of our custom veneered wood - Sold out October 2018!

Same size, same heavy sturdy function (still weighs 14 lbs), same magnets, same placement, and now with an improved rotating base with 3 sealed bearings for more precision movement. 

Made from over 8 feet of sustainably farmed 11 layer multi-ply our Oregon mill makes custom Walnut and Oak veneer extra thick just for us.  Same food safe "Good Stuff" finish that is easy to replenish with butcher block oil or 360KB Care Kit. This is still "the last knife block you will ever have to buy".

Each block is hand assembled and finished in our own San Francisco Design Trifecta Woodshop.

Is it the same as the Bamboo one that America's Test Kitchen tested? Yes.  Same magnets, same location, same heavy base, same weight, same cork bottom and same exact size, we cut and assemble each part exactly the same way as when we build with Bamboo.   

*knives not included

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