360 Knife Block - Ebonized Walnut
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360 Knife Block - Ebonized Walnut

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First we make a 360 Knife Block in Walnut - we select the very best ones to ebonize, any sap wood, uneven grain or filler will not react with the ebonizing process.  

We use a natural mixture of vinegar and iron that reacts with the wood tannins and turns the grain black.  It is not a stain, or die, and takes a 4 step process to achieve the natural black look, that accentuates the walnut grain.  

Ebonizing Process

  1. Hand brush on the iron vinegar mixture we make in house and let it rest for 24 hours.
  2. The next day we lightly sand every side and re-apply a second coat of iron vinegar and again let it rest overnight.
  3. On the third day we apply the first coats of “The Good Stuff” food safe butcher-block finish.
  4. On the forth day we apply a second coat of finish, let rest 4 hours, then package.

Made of ethically sourced, sustainable farmed wood from America - grain and color shade might vary. 

Is it the same as the Bamboo one that America's Test Kitchen tested? Yes.  Same magnets, same location, same heavy base, same weight, same cork bottom and same exact size, we cut and assemble each part exactly the same way as when we build with Bamboo.  

*knives not included

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