360KB ™ BAR - wall mounted magnetic bar

360KnifeBlock BAR - 4"x16" magnetic wood bar 

We over-engineered the magnetic knife bar - with integrated level, heavy duty 2.25" long screws, washers, drywall anchors, steal clips and loaded with 26 strategically located magnets.  Handmade with the same American quarter sawn walnut and honey bamboo woods as the 360 Knife Block® family. 

Colorful edges – walnut and bamboo available in red, white, and blue - make our BAR a standout from any angle. 

Same strong 360 Knife Block® magnets and strategic placement as all 360 Knife Block® – two rows of magnets from end to end - for the signature 360 Knife Block® "just right" knife grab. 

  • incorporated spirit level in separate “backer plate”
  • American made Eagle Clips (ensure an easy wobble free fit every time)
  • 2x 2.25” long drywall screws
  • 2x drywall anchors
  • 2x washers (for micro adjustment)
4” tall x 16” x 1.5” deep  
*enough space to actually get your hand between the knife handle and the wall.



in the contiguous United States  ~ a $10 value

Direct from the maker 

Lifetime guarantee ~ if you ever have any issues contact us.