Customization & Accessories

Customize your  360 Knife Block®

Laser etched top, skirt or sides with your artwork, logo, monogram or phrase and make your 360 Knife Block® one of a kind. 

  • gifts - wedding, company, or 'just because'
  • knife makers - the best possible display for your blades at shows and stores
  • stores  - a working conversation piece to talk about knives with customers

Care Kit includes

  • 4 ounces clear Black Spot Remover
  • 2 ounces “Emmet’s Good Stuff”
    • Food safe finish
  • Maple sanding block
  • Sand Paper – 180 grit
  • 1 Pair of latex gloves
  • 2 Rags 

Care instructions - you might have some of the above items at home, with a little care your 360 Knife Block® will last a lifetime. We recommend you clean and oil your block at least once a year, or whenever you oil your butcher block and other wood cooking tools. 

  1. Sand Surfaces vertically with the wood grain.
  2. Apply pressure - do NOT go in circles - move vertically.
  3. Using gloves and a small rag apply "good stuff" on all sides.
  4. With the clean rag wipe off all excess finish
  5. "buff" the  360 Knife Block® 
  6. ** regular oiling will add protection to your wood block.


*do NOT submerge in water - I can't believe I have to write this - The steel base, 3x oiled bearings and wood, all do not want to be wet.  Please don't even think of putting any 360 Knife Block® in your dish washer, sink, bathtub, shower, or out in the rain. Just wipe it off and oil it.